Fertitta Interactive Takes Over CyberArts

Fertitta Interactive LLC (FI) recently announced the purchase of CyberArts Licensing LLC (CyberArts). CyberArts provides online gaming solutions and is based in Oakland, California (USA). By merging with Fertitta Interactive, CyberArts will continue to work towards creating online products which set the standards in the industry. This includes virtual games such as poker and other traditional casino games.

Benefits of the Take Over

Fertitta Interactive will provide CyberArts their expertise in casino management, successful media platform and tried and tested methods of reaching target audiences of 21 to 40 year old males. Though the company is based in the United States, CyberArts does not accept bets from within the country.

According to the co-founder of CyberArts, Chris Derossi, the deal is the right move for CyberArts and is a good opportunity for the company to continue providing the best in online gaming software to their customers. He said that Fertitta Interactive has a strong vision, a long history in the gaming industry as leaders and is committed to seeking governmental regulation for online poker. All this, he said, makes it the perfect home for CyberArts.

Stance on Online Gambling Regulation

Lorenzo Fertitta said that Fertitta Interactive wholly supports the federal regulation of online gaming in the U.S. He said that in CyberArts, the company has found a major player in the field of design and development of gaming software with a great track record of abiding by the regulations. Together, the companies intend to work towards creating new and innovative products which seek to provide customers with the best possible gaming experience while remaining in a secure environment.

Origins of Fertitta Interactive

The company was founded by Lorenzo Fertitta, Frank Fertitta III, Tim Poster and Tom Breitling who were all successful businessmen in their own, related fields. FI bought over CyberArts in order to enter into the online real money poker gaming space. The leaders of FI have a long history of developing successful businesses in the casino world, as well as in sports/entertainment and internet travel industries.

According to Tom Breitling, a combination of traditional gambling, technology, marketing and entertainment have to go into the making of a successful online poker site. He believes that the combined team of Fertitta Interactive and CyberArts will be capable of facing the challenges posed by the online gaming industry.

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