Mac Compatible Casinos

The days of having to search for specific casinos which had a downloadable client compatible with Mac computers are largely behind us. These days, the question for Mac users seeking real money online casino games is which option is best for my needs – not ‘are there options available?’.

This page covers the different options for Mac casinos, taking your step by step through the download, non-download, app and live-dealer choices available to you. As Mac computers get ever more powerful, and network speeds also increase – that list of options is bound to get even better over time.

Downloading a Mac Casino Program

Not every casino has a downloadable software client these days. The big move has been into your browser window. This has allowed casinos to break free from licensing games to a single software producer, allowing many to aggregate a long list of games from many sources.

You can still find Mac casino downloads – and there are still some benefits to going down this route. By taking the software you are minimizing the information which needs to be sent over a network while you play. This means less waiting time for a slot or game to load up, and very few lags. The way I look at this is that the code you download is what does the heavy lifting of the games, you then only need to transfer the deal or spin information over your network. Of course, this download will take up space on your machine – and if your machine is owned by your employer (for example) then you might not be able to download a casino at all.

Before I download anything online, then I do some quick background checks. This is important with real money casinos. While most are trusted and reputable, there is the occasional rogue outfit around. Make sure you are dealing with a long running brand where possible, and always check for a license, game fairness testing and the absence of any major scandals before you play.

No-Download Mac Casinos

Most operators – especially new casinos – will offer their full portfolio of games via a browser window these days. In the past there were issues with accessing these games on your Mac, due to non-compatibility with the popular Flash software. This has been largely overcome with the introduction of HTML5. This code enables games and animations to be played in your browser without using Flash. You might also find games created using Java code.

The main advantages of no-download Mac casinos is that you have a huge choice of games. Some casinos are approaching 1000 titles (mainly slots) which work in your browser. Since you do not need to go through the download process, you can jump between casinos easier too. This is useful for taking advantage of bonuses and special offers.

Keep in mind that things are naturally a little slower when you access casino games via your Mac’s browser. Slots will need to download and initialize before starting – and some games with more complex bonus games will initialize those separately when you trigger them too. Non-download Mac casino games are getting better all the time, and for me are already very close to the downloadable versions. I expect that downloads will be a thing of the past within a few years.

Other Apple Devices – Apps

If you have a Mac, then there is a good chance you also use an iPhone – and there are plenty of options for enjoying real money casino games on those too. Apps are not the standard way to play casino games on your iPhone. Some casinos do offer these, though the game selection is often very limited.

In-browser games will respond to both your screen size and your input method (touch screen vs mouse). Most games will work just fine on smaller screens, though some will have been better adapted than others. The better casinos use a mobile phone sign on their list of games to show you which titles work best in this format.

For iPads, the screen size is obviously not an issue. For these I would recommend the in-browser games instead of an app. Note that some casino have special apps for their live-dealer casino games and many also offer dedicated poker, sports betting and social gambling apps too.

Summing it Up

If you are a Mac user, then the choices of real casino games have never been better. You can enjoy the latest innovations including interactive slots, live dealer games and the latest virtual table games. You can also choose whether to go for a full download or to access the games via an app or in your browser window.